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How To Select New Flooring Wisely!!!

By Alan Fletcher - aka The Carpet Professor


Welcome to


How to Choose and Select the Right Flooring Products To Match Your Needs, Goals, Lifestyle & Budget! Expert reveals the fact and the truth for homeowners!


What are you looking to buy? Carpet, Vinyl Tile, Ceramic Tile, Wood Floors, Porcelain Tiles and Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring.


Whether you are looking for wood flooring  or waterproof vinyl flooring for your new home or New Carpet for just a bedroom or two, selecting suitable new flooring for your home can be a daunting task! The last thing you want to do is choose the wrong material and have it not last as long as you anticipate or be able to tolerate your level of foot traffic.






What type of flooring are you interested in?


Natural or Engineered Wood Floors

Carpet Tiles

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles


Stone Floor Tiles

Waterproof Vinyl Tile or Planks

Wall to Wall Carpet




Start by defining out what your needs and goals are. For the moment, let's not be too concerned about the cost involved, we will get to that later, for now let's focus in on what you want to have accomplished when its all said and done.





Choosing New Carpet or Flooring has become so confusing that most homeowners don't know where to begin!


Rather than learning while you shop, learn a few things before you start shopping so you can save time, know what questions to ask, make informed decisions and avoid making costly mistakes.


Remember, choosing the right product for your needs, goals and lifestyle is most important!



I have added a partial list of all the various flooring products I discuss in more detail. This is a continuous work in progress and this website will always be growing to keep up with the ever-changing floor covering industry. Learn more about What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?


Most Carpet Dealers carry all types of flooring products so if you are in the market for new flooring of any type. Visit my Preferred Dealer Directory to see who I recommend near you.


Even after you buy new carpet or flooring there are many smart ways that will help make your floors maintain their like-new appearance as long as possible. In addition to that there are other things you might like to know... 




Choosing Wall to Wall Carpet 



What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?


The key to selecting the right Carpet for your home is to select a product that is capable of tolerating your own personal Level of Foot Traffic you have in your home. 


The color and style should be selected only after you determine the right grade or quality level to meet your needs, goals and lifestyle. 


For example, If you want your new carpet to last 20 years or more, then you need to start by choosing a grade of carpet or flooring that is designed to last that long, based on your unique level of foot-traffic. Only then you can consider a style and color in that particular "grade" of material that is pleasing to you. 


Take my free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to get a good idea about your level of foot- traffic in your home, and what grade of carpet you need to purchase to meet your personal needs, goals and lifestyle.


If there are no kids or pets in your home, then you probably have a low foot-traffic scenario. You don't need to buy a top of the line Carpet or Flooring product if you only need 10 years of use. 


If you want save some serious cash, then consider buying a better grade of carpet or flooring in those areas where it really matters. For example, buy a better grade of carpet or flooring for your master bedroom but use a lower-grade of materials in the kids bedrooms.



There are many factors to consider including;

  • Color and Style

  • Durability and Clean-ability

  • Care and Maintenance Requirements

  • Total Cost for Materials and Installation






Typical Carpet Installation Fees & Charges:



Learn more...



Home Floor Guide: How to choose hardwood flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Engineered Wood Planks for your home. Learn money-saving secrets and useful information and advice by a trusted consumer advocate. 


The Floor Professor. Visit Http://













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