How Much Does Carpet Installation Cost?

By Alan Fletcher - Flooring Expert and Consumer Advocate


New Carpet Installation Prices

How much does it cost to have carpet installed? If you are looking to find out how much it costs to install new carpet I have all the answers you are looking for.

In different parts of the country, (The USA) the price of carpet installation may be higher or lower depending on the supply and demand. In our current down economy, there are a lot more hungry carpet installers out there looking for work.

This is good news for those consumers who have money to spend on home renovations and are willing to do a little legwork to find a qualified carpet installer and negotiate a good deal. I bet you can negotiate as much as 30% off their normal carpet installation charge, especially if you are willing to pay them in cash at the end of the day. 

Carpet Installation Prices


Getting the job done right, regardless of cost.

The main thing you want to be sure of, is that the carpet installers use a power-stretcher to install your carpet. Gone are the days where a simple knee-kicker will do the trick unless youíre installing cheap carpet in a very small room on a very hot day. 

Carpet needs to be stretched in tight, and the only way to insure this is to use a power-stretcher. If they donít use a power-stretcher, then find an installer that does! Otherwise you might void your warranty!


Cheapest Carpet Installation Costs

In the southern states, there is much more competition and carpet installation prices are much lower. For example, in Miami, Florida you can get carpet installed for less than $2.00 per yard. 

Iím not saying it would be a qualified install, but there are plenty of hungry people in the area willing to work very hard for very little money. Making sure your carpet installer is qualified is up to you. 

Donít assume that every carpet installer is qualified to install your carpet. In fact, I believe that less than 35% of all carpet installers are properly trained.

The States with the lowest carpet installation costs have typically been Florida, Texas, New Mexico, and southern California. Other southern states like Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas and Southern Arizona have fairly inexpensive carpet labor and installation costs.

I am not suggesting you go for the lowest installation price, in fact, getting your carpet installed properly is extremely important if you want your carpet to last as long as it was intended. 

The northern states are the highest priced for carpet installation which includes most major cities in Northern California, Portland Oregon, Seattle and surrounding areas in Washington State and the Northeastern States including popular cities in New York, Cincinnati and Cleveland Ohio, Chicago Illinois, West Virginia, and Connecticut to name a few.

I find that Midwest States have their share of hungry installers too, especially in Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Idaho, Utah and Nebraska. It seems that the lower south you go, the less expensive the price for carpet installation. I call it the sunshine tax. 


Learn more about specific Carpet Installation Prices and fees.



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