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Useful Flooring Industry Links, Resources and Website Suggestions from - When is the best time of year to buy new carpet and flooring? Expert money-saving carpet advice & information for homeowners. Current carpet prices, when to find best deals! - Custom Logo Floor Mats

Floor Mat Systems offers custom logo floor mats to enhance the image of your business right at your front door. - Don't be scammed by sly carpet salespeople, Learn how to measure carpet yourself! - Alan's Best Carpet Cleaning Directory. Hire an honest and reputable carpet cleaning company! How to avoid common carpet cleaning scams. Secrets to choosing the best carpet cleaning businesses wisely. Learn the insider secrets to buying new carpet like a pro! - How to avoid common shop-at-home carpet scams and rip-offs. Don't believe everything you hear on TV Commercials! - Landlord guide to saving money on carpet and flooring replacements and repairs. This is a must read for any landlord, property manager or real estate professional. Learn 101 ways to save money on carpet and flooring replacements and repairs. - How to Choose New Flooring Wisely, Free expert carpet,  floor tile and flooring products buying guide. Learn money-saving secrets and useful information about choosing new flooring. Key information for savvy homeowners by consumer advocate.





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It's getting harder to find reputable carpet and flooring dealers these days! That's why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally owned dealers who offer free estimates, have fair prices, hire knowledgeable staff, do honest measures and use qualified installers.


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Have Carpet Wrinkles? Top 10 Causes and Smart Solutions Revealed

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Why Do Some Carpets Shed and Fuzz?

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How Much Does Carpet Cost?  How much does Carpet Installation Cost?  

Carpet Installation Costs and Prices   Carpet Installation Cost, Fees and Extra Charges


How to Make Your Carpet Last YEARS Longer    What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?


How To Select The Correct Carpet Padding?


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